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When you're experiencing a problem with your water heater, you may need to have it replaced or repaired. Instead of assuming the worst, why not give us a call at STC Water Heater Pros and let us assess the situation for you. We are a team of professional technicians who have received the training needed to help with your water heater service needs. If you want to continue receiving hot water, don't wait to get the help that you need, call us right away. We know how important water is to you and your household. It is why we do not waste our time getting you the help that you need. Our technicians work on every make and model of water heater, which is why we can provide you with the help you need. We offer affordable and efficient prices. When you want the job done right, make sure that it is by relying on our expert technicians to perform the work of installing, repairing, or replacing your water heater. Rather than finding yourself inconvenienced because of an incorrectly installed water heater, call us to install it for you. If you are experiencing a problem and need repairs, we can also make any needed repairs.

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We have hired the most experienced team of professional technicians to assist us with your service needs. Make sure you rely on someone with the proven skills and qualifications needed to perform the work that has to be done. Our technicians have been vetted, and they prove efficient in their work, which is why we work with them. There are no water heater repairs or installation that they can't handle from you.

About Us

STC Water Heater Pros is a full-service water heater installation and repair service in St. Charles, MO. With our help, we have saved hundreds of people thousands of dollars. We have been in business for more than a decade providing the most efficient services to our customers. With the level of training that we have received, there is no job is beyond our scope of experience. Regardless of how difficult the situation might appear to be, we offer you proven effective results. When we started our business, we knew that we wanted to be the preferred water heater service provider in St. Charles. The only way to do this is to offer the efficient services that our customers can depend on. At STC Water Heater Pros, we have managed to do this by hiring the most experienced technicians in the city. They can service any of our customer's water heater needs. We have earned a reputation for offering affordable and reliable water heater services. When you rely on our reputable services, you're sure to receive the best value for your money. We offer free quotes.

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Our Services

When someone in St. Charles, needs a water heater installed or repaired, we are often the first service provider they will turn to for a quote. Many people spend more money than they have to by replacing their water heater when what it needed were repairs. Instead of purchasing a water heater, why not give us a call to find out what we can do to help with your service needs. Our technician will assess the situation to determine if you require a new water heater or if repairs are all that is needed. If you are interested in upgrading your appliances to energy-efficient appliances, we can do this for you too.

Water Heater Repair Services St. Charles MO

When you start noticing a problem with your water not maintaining its temperature or if you smell an odor coming from your water heater, give us a call. There is a chance that you need to have your water heater repaired. When you require repairs, we recommend that you have them made right away to ensure that the problem doesn’t get any worse than it is. Regardless of the extent of your problem, we have a talented team of experienced professionals who can make the necessary repairs. They will have your water heater working like new again in no time.

Water Heater Installation St. Charles MO

When you want or need to have a water heater installed, you have come to the right place, STC Water Heater Pros. We can install your traditional or tankless water heater. If you're not sure what type of water heater that you need, why not consult with our experts. There are many homes with the incorrect size water heater. It is why they often experience problems and require repairs. Instead of constantly experiencing problems with your water heater allow us to install your new water heater. It will ensure that you have the correct size for your home.

Tankless Water Heater Repair St. Charles MO

If you have a tankless water heater, you can also rely on our technicians to make the needed repairs. We work with every brand of tankless water heater, including yours. To ensure that the repairs are made properly the first time, allow our talented team of experienced technicians to resolve the problem for you. They will not look at your water heater and tell you what the problem is. They will make a thorough assessment to determine the cause of your problem. Once they know what is causing the problem, they will fix the cause of the problem.

St. Charles MO Tankless Water Heater Installation

If you are interested in a tankless water heater, contact our associates and allow them to help you find the right one for your household needs. We install Rheem, Takagi, Noritz, EcoSmart, and every major brand tankless water heater. Our technicians can install any brand of tankless water heater that you would like. Give us a call to discuss your tankless water heater needs.

St. Charles MO Water Heater Maintenance

You may be like most homeowners who have a water heater installed and don't give it a second thought, not even to have it serviced. It is why we recommend maintenance services. If you don't want to experience costly repairs to your system, it is best if you allow us to routinely service your water heater. It will keep it operating properly without ever breaking down. A water heater is one of the most important features of your home, which is why it should be routinely maintained.

Commercial Water Heaters St. Charles MO

It is impossible to operate a business without a water heater, which is why we also offer commercial water heater services at STC Water Heater Pros. If you need a new water heater installed, make sure that it is installed correctly. If you do not rely on a reputable service provider to install your new commercial water heater, you may regret it later. If you experience problems with your water heater, you may have to shut down your business. Regardless of how long, it can ultimately hurt your business. Make sure you turn to us for your commercial water heater installation and repairs.

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Whenever someone in St. Charles, MO is looking for a reputable and reliable water heater service, they often rely on STC Water Heater Pros. It’s easy for us to offer you the help that you want and needs since we only work with the most qualified, water heater technicians in St. Charles. Give us the chance to show you why our services are preferred to the other water heater services in the city. We work hard to prove that we are best suited to address your water heater service needs. Your water heater is such an important feature that you shouldn’t entrust it to just anyone. Call us and we’ll take care of it for you as quickly as possible. You deserve to receive the best for your money, and we can provide it to you.


What people say?

We made the mistake of hiring the wrong company to help with our commercial water heater installation. The company that we hired didn’t do a good job and we had to contact STC Water Heater Pros to do the job over again. They were worth the money. We haven’t had a problem with it since they replaced it.
Theory J.
It never dawned on me that we could have the wrong size water heater. We were having problems with our water heater and decided to contact STC Water Heater Pros. They immediately discovered that we had the wrong size water heater. After recommending a different size and type, we had them also install it. I highly recommend this company's services. They know so much about water heaters and educated us. We really felt as though we got our money's worth from them.
Jerry R.
When we needed repairs to our water heater, we checked reviews and found out that STC Water Heater Pros had the most favorable reviews. We were looking for someone who could replace it with an energy-efficient system. After consulting with them, we knew they were the right ones to hire for the job.
Tim T.