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Tankless Water Heater Repairs

When you have a tankless water heater, you may not be paying much attention to it until you are no longer receiving hot water. Maintenance helps you avoid the break-down of your water heater. However, if you are not having routine maintenance performed on your tankless water heater, you can always depend on STC Water Heater Pros for repairs. If there are several people in the home, your water heater is likely receiving a lot of use. It can fail and require repairs from time to time. Here are some signs that you may need repair to your tankless water heater.

Change in the Color of Water

Your water should come out of the tap clear. If it has a color to it, then this lets us know that there is a problem. It might be a slight hue due to high pressure. However, it should eventually run clear. If it comes out of a rust color or any other color, the water heater is usually to blame. If you have brown water coming from your tap, it is hazardous and should not be used. It is usually a sign of a rusty tank.

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Water Temperatures are Inconsistent

You may reach the desired temperature, but it may eventually change from hot to cold. Perhaps you never achieve the desired temperature, it is also an indication of a possible problem with your water heater. When you begin noticing fluctuations in your water heater's temperature, give us a call and let us know. We will be happy to evaluate the problem to determine the cause of the problem.

You Don’t Have Hot Water

The water heater is designed to keep water hot and ready to use when you need it. If your hot water is running out faster than it should, give us a call, you may require repairs. You shouldn't run out of hot water, as this is why you have a water heater. You may have a heating element that is not working correctly. Our technicians will know where the heating element is, so they don't have to waste time looking for them. These may be the first things that they will check when they arrive at your location. Don't take matters into your own hands; call us instead. We will act with a sense of urgency to address your tankless water heater repair needs.

Why Hire STC Water Heater Pros

Anyone who wants to get what they pay for should call on STC Water Heater Pros to repair their tankless water heater. We work with every manufacturer brand, which allows us to effectively make the repairs needed to your tankless water heater. If you want effective water heater repairs, you'll need to rely on a reputable and reliable services provider, such as STC Water Heater Pros. We have earned our reputation because we consistently offer effective services to those who depend on us for their tankless water heater repair needs. Rely on us for guaranteed satisfaction.