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Water Heater Maintenance

Who would deny that the water heater is one of the most important large appliances in their home? Just run out of hot water and we are sure that you'll also agree that is an important home appliance. You never really know how much you rely on something until you are unable to do so. You depend on your water heater to wash clothes, wash dishes, bath, shower, clean, and so much more. Whether it is a gas water heater, electric or a tankless water heater that you have, they can all benefit from routine maintenance provided by STC Water Heater Pros.

Why Routine Water Heater Maintenance

When you are receiving routine maintenance on your water heater, your system will operate more efficiently. It means that you won’t spend as much on energy expenses either. This is a good enough reason for many people to have routine water heater maintenance. Since you likely lack the experience or the skills needed to handle the maintenance of your water heater, you will benefit from the services that we offer. Regardless of the type of water heater that you have, it will also last longer when it is routinely serviced by a qualified, professional technician.

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Affordable Maintenance for Water Heaters

When you are looking for a service provider that will offer you routine water heater maintenance, you have come to the right place, STC Water Heater Pros. You may be able to put off certain things, but when it comes to the maintenance of your water heater, it shouldn’t be put off. We recommend that you have it serviced during the change of season. Since we’re making this recommendation, we’re happy to also offer you the maintenance that you need at a price that you can afford.

Maintenance Plans

We follow a check-list when servicing your water heater to ensure that nothing is missed. Here are a few of the things included in our water heater maintenance plans.

Check the Anode Rod – A gas and electric water heater has an anode rod. The anode rod may start to corrode. If this occurs, we will replace it. It should be routinely replaced every couple of years so that it extends the life of the water heater.

Test Pressure Relief Valve – The pressure relief valve is a safety mechanism, which is why it should be included in your water heater maintenance plan. It prevents your water heating from exploding if there is too much built-up pressure.

Flush the Tank – We will flush your tank annually to prevent mineral build-up that will cause your tank to rust.

Dependable St. Charles Water Heater Maintenance Services

If you have decided to have routine water heater maintenance, rely on STC Water Heater Pros. We are the most effective and dependable team of experienced water heater technicians in the city. You can always count on us to perform the job of servicing your water heater as scheduled. We will keep your water heater working at optimum capacity. We guarantee your total satisfaction. Call us to arrange your maintenance plan today.